Memorymoon Messiah ME80
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Download memorymoon demo with audio dropouts: Memorymoon demo 1.8.
Download Messiah demo with audio dropouts: Messiah demo 1.3.

To install messiah and memorymoon: Put the dll. file and folder with the same name in your VST-plugin folder. ME80 has an installer. System requirements and known problems. I will get a reciept of the transaction to my mailbox, and will send you download links as soon as I have checked my mail.

Download memorymoon patches:

Filename Author Country
moon_extra bank Gunnar Ekornås Norway
PeWe_bank. Peter Werner Germany
DatabassTom_mobilebank Databass (Tommaso Berardocco) Italy
empty_bank. Gunnar Ekornås Norway
Tommy_bank. Thorau (Thomas Raudzus) Germany
Heinrichs Heinrich Horstmann Germany
DatabassTom_nusounds Databass (Tommaso Berardocco) Italy
Heinrichs_3rd Heinrich Horstmann Germany
Heinrichs_ARP_N_RYM Heinrich Horstmann Germany
PaulRoachBank Paul Roach England
memorymoon_extra2 bank Gunnar Ekornås Norway

Messiah patches:

Filename Author Country
messiah_extra bank Gunnar Ekornås Norway
messiah_extra bank2 Gunnar Ekornås Norway
messiah extra bank3 Gunnar Ekornås Norway
messiah_extra bank4 Gunnar Ekornås Norway
X. X X

The extra bank is leftovers from the factory presets. I will always place patches that I remove from the factory bank in the Extra_bank.

ME80 patches: (OBS for version 1.0 only, will not load in version 2.0!)

Filename Author Country
ME80_extra bank Gunnar Ekornås Norway
ME80_extra2 bank Gunnar Ekornås Norway
x x x
x x Norway
X. X X

If you make some patches please send them to gunnar.

Controller templates (control maps):

Filename Controller Author
akaiMPK49_memorymoon akaiMPK49_messiah AKAI MPK series Gunnar Ekornås
A-500_memorymoon A-500_messiah Roland A-300, Roland A-500 and Roland A-800 Gunnar Ekornås
PCR800_memorymoon PCR800_messiah Roland PCR-300, Roland PCR-500 and Roland PCR-800 Gunnar Ekornås
novation_remote_memorymoon novation_remote_messiah Novation remote Gunnar Ekornås
NovationSL_Memorymoon NovationSL_Messiah Novation remote SL Gunnar Ekornås
NovationSL_Mk2_Memorymoon NovationSL_Mk2_Messiah NovationSL_Mk2 Gunnar Ekornås
axiom49-memorym-messiah M-audio axiom49. One bank that has a preset for memorymoon and a preset for messiah. Gunnar Ekornås
korg_nanokontrol_memorymoon_mes korg_nanokontrol_messiah Korg nanokontrol 1 Gunnar Ekornås
memorymoon_prophet08 memorymoon patch when using DSI Prophet08 as a controller Gunnar Ekornås

To use these templates in you controller you will have to install the editor for the controller. First load the template into the editor, then send it to your controller, and then store it to the preset number you choose. (You have to save the template, because first it is just stored temporary in the controllers memory.

Memorymoon preset for unlearning all CC settings.

If you make any templates for your controller please send them to gunnar.

3 piano patches for memorymoon using the Equinox Grand Piano soundfont.

1. Download the Equinox Grand Piano soundfont from Equinox webpage. and store it on your computer.

2. Open the 3 pianopatches in Memorymoon.

3. Click load in the soundfont page and load the piano soundfont. The soundfont must be loaded in all 3 patches. For the Yamaha piano - select Yamaha in the soundfont page. When you are done you may store the patch.

Moog Minitaur downloads. Patches and controller templates:

Filename Controller Author
39 sounds for Minitaur sounds Gunnar Ekornås
Novation remote (released 2003) Novation original remote Gunnar Ekornås
PCR800_minitaur-hidden Roland PCR-300, Roland PCR-500 and Roland PCR-800 Gunnar Ekornås
NovationSL_Minitaur-hidden Novation RemoteSL 1 Gunnar Ekornås
NovationSL_MK2_Minitaur-hidden NovationSL MK2 1 Gunnar Ekornås
akaiMPK_minitaur AKAI MPK49 Gunnar Ekornås

Velocity-curve plugin. I made this plugin because the velocity curves of my Line6 KB37, AKAI MPK49 and Doepfer midi-controller are very poor. And none of these controllers have adjustable velocity curves. The velocity are typically between 100 and 127. I use the exp curve to correct the velocity response. velocity-curve Download velocity-curve 1.0: Velocity curve. To install: Copy the velocity-curve.dll and velocity-curve folder to your VST-plugins folder. Insert before the instrument. (In some hosts it is not possible.)

Credits: Programming: Gunnar Ekornås. Custom modules by Chris Kerry, David Haupt , Attila Fustos , Peter Schoffhauser , EVM, Kelly Lynch , Rick Jelliffe , Andy Medforth and Christian-W Budde. Programming advice: Max Brezhestovski, Chris Kerry and David Haupt. Made with Synth-Edit.

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