All ME80 banks

All ME80 banks in one zip.

All messiah banks


When you order a product:

I will get a reciept of the transaction in my mailbox, and will send you download links as soon as I have checked my mail.

Controller templates:

To use these templates in you controller you will have to install the editor for the controller. First load the template into the editor, then send it to your controller, and then store it to the preset number you choose. (You have to save the template, because first it is just stored temporary in the controllers memory.)

Controller templates (control maps):

Filename Controller Author
akaiMPK49_memorymoon akaiMPK49_messiah AKAI MPK series Gunnar Ekornaas
A-500_memorymoon A-500_messiah Roland A-300, Roland A-500 and Roland A-800 Gunnar Ekornaas
PCR800_memorymoon PCR800_messiah Roland PCR-300, Roland PCR-500 and Roland PCR-800 Gunnar Ekornaas
novation_remote_memorymoon novation_remote_messiah Novation remote Gunnar Ekornaas
NovationSL_Memorymoon NovationSL_Messiah Novation remote SL Gunnar Ekornaas
NovationSL_Mk2_Memorymoon NovationSL_Mk2_Messiah NovationSL_Mk2 Gunnar Ekornaas
axiom49-memorym-messiah M-audio axiom49. One bank that has a preset for memorymoon and a preset for messiah. Gunnar Ekornaas
korg_nanokontrol_memorymoon_mes korg_nanokontrol_messiah Korg nanokontrol 1 Gunnar Ekornaas
memorymoon_prophet08 memorymoon patch when using DSI Prophet08 as a controller Gunnar Ekornaas
Alkex ProfessorV2 for Messiah2 Template for use in the ProfessorV2 editor. Gunnar Ekornaas

Memorymoon preset for unlearning all CC settings.

Vintage Bank for Prophet 600


Demos here:

Demo1: Youtube demo1.

Demo2: Youtube demo2.

Demo3. Youtube demo3.


First demo: Soundcloud demo1.

Second demo: Soundcloud demo2.

Third demo: Soundcloud demo3.

Patch list.

I will send the bank to your mailadress in sysex and midi-format.

Buy Vintage Bank for Prophet 600 for 20 dollar:

Soundbank for Moog Minitaur


I will send the bank to your mailadress in sysex format. It is the format used by the latest Moog Minitaur editor. In the download there are single sounds and a full bank with 100 patches.

Patch names.

Sound demos of the 47 first patches in the Minitaur bank: Minitaur demo.

In the editor hit "Get" to connect to the Minitaur. Then select preset manager/import bank. Then you can browse to this bank.

Check out what the mod wheel does in every patch. In sync patches it is the depth of sync effect. In other patches it can be a slow filter sweep, vibrato or FM-modulation. The mod-wheel will have a very important function in the patches.

Buy Mininitaur bank for 20 dollar:

Vintage soundbank for Korg Minilogue


The bank will make your Minilouge sound like a vintage expensive synth. It has 124 new vintage style sounds. The bank is a proof that the Minilouge can sound soft and fat. All programming options are used to the fullest.

The bank comes in Korg Minilogue editor format. It is for the original Korg Minilogue, it will not work with the new MinilogueXD. In the download there are 124 single sounds in the editors mnlgprog format. The last file in the download (whole-bank-minilogue) is the complete bank in the editors mnlglib format for banks.

The bank is patch 1-127. Patch 1, 22 and 23 are duplicates. From patch 128 and up is the old korg factory sounds.

Youtube video of all the 124 sounds 2: 124 new Minilogue sounds 2.

Youtube video of all the 124 sounds: 124 new Minilogue sounds.

Sound demo: Soundcloud Minilogue.

Buy Minilogue vintage bank for 20 dollar:

Roland JX3P soundbank


I will send you a download link for a wav or mp3 (both included) audio file that you send to your Roland JX3P tape load jack input. To load the bank: First hit "tape memory" button. The hit the "load" button. The send the audio file into JX3P. I recommend middle volume. On my Steinberg ur22 I set volume to 5. 32 patches in total. It will overwrite bank C and D.

Youtube demo1: Youtube JX3P demo1.

Youtube demo2: Youtube JX3P demo2.

Buy Roland JX3P bank for 20 dollar: